Yuneec Breeze Video Tutorial

We’ve scoured YouTube to find the best tutorials on how to fly the Yuneec Breeze.  There are lots of videos out there with good information, and while we feel that these are some of the best, it never hurts to try to learn more.  Before you fly, make sure to watch these and other video tutorials so that you are familiar with the operation of the Yuneec Breeze before attempting to fly.  Also be sure to read and familiarize yourself with the Yuneec Breeze User Manual.

Link To Yuneec Breeze User Manual

CLICK HERE. (The user manual may be outdated depending on when you rent your drone.  For the most up to date user manual link directly from Yuneec’s website, click below)


Comprehensive Tutorial (Long, But Good Info)

How to Turn on Breeze

Connecting to Breeze, Calibration, and General Camera Settings

Pilot Mode and How to Take Pictures/Video

Selfie Mode

Journey Mode

Sharing to Social Media